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Structural water proofing and civil engineering

REGUPOL structural protection solutions protect damp-proofing in civil engineering

REGUPOL resist protects waterproofing and insulation even under high loads in construction and civil engineering. With a range of different versions, REGUPOL resist offers solutions for almost all requirements in this application field. REGUPOL resist protects waterproofing systems in civil engineering projects from the adjacent soil or gravel and is classified as a protective layer in compliance with DIN 18533. Compared to primary raw material-based alternatives, it not only provides clear technical, physical and financial benefits, it can also be installed quickly and cost-effectively. The dimensional stability of the special versions, REGUPOL resist strong and REGUPOL resist hot is optimised by installing the layers vertically onto the waterproofing systems they are protecting, which consist of bitumen roofing sheets, plastic waterproofing or liquid rubber waterproofing. REGUPOL resist is made from up to 95 percent recycled and reprocessed polymer raw materials. This is why REGUPOL was awarded the Environmental Economy Prize.NRW in 2020 and the Efficiency Prize NRW in 2021. REGUPOL resist is a successful example of an efficiently functioning circular economy.

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For Structural water proofing and civil engineering

REGUPOL resist standard

REGUPOL resist standard protection layer according to DIN 18531, reliably provides and sustainably protects the waterproofing and insulation on flat…

REGUPOL resist alu

REGUPOL resist alu protection layer according to DIN 18531, save the waterproofing on flat roofs. Its underside is laminated with a Triplex aluminium…

REGUPOL resist fire

REGUPOL resist fire protection layer according to DIN 18531, has a flame retardant finish that protects against flying sparks and radiant heat and…

REGUPOL resist solid

REGUPOL resist solid is a highly compressed, highly resilient protection layer according to DIN 18531 for special requirements on…

REGUPOL resist solid fire

REGUPOL resist solid fire, protection layer according to DIN 18531, highly compressed, highly resilient protective membrane for special requirements…

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